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The Growth Map Company, operating as Grow-Leader, focuses on growing leaders from entry level through to senior executive teams. The services offered are Leadership Development, Public Speaking and Facilitation.

Our focus is always on our Client needs and we customize our materials and programmes to suit. We have therefore structured our base programmes such that each module can stand alone, while building on the skills and knowledge learned in other modules. This flexibility enables our Clients to schedule programmes based on individual needs and availability. Venues are either provided by The Growth Map Company or by our Clients, whichever is more suited to your needs.

Our Services

Leadership Development

We offer a Four Stage Process, customized to meet our Client needs, which includes mentoring and coaching post the Leadership Development Programmes.

Public Speaking

We believe that an effective way to initiate contact and reveal potential leaders is through public speaking. Several topics are available and can be customized


Extensive experience in facilitating various workshops results in the facilitator being able to draw the information from the participants, find the golden thread that runs

Phakathi Leadership

Phakathi is a Zulu word which means “in the middle of” or “central”. At the Growth Map Company, we understand that time is money and everyone is time bankrupt!

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  • As part of the team Katherine taught me to do the best according to my abilities, and not to shy away from creative thinking. The manner in which Katherine expressed herself in leadership taught me a valuable lesson in life to do the best all the time, even if the problems seems to be great. Katherine Bezuidenhout is an individual who is a pleasure to work with and I will always respect the way in which she express herself, and the manner in which she leads a team.

  • Katherine lives by the values of: Integrity, trust, team building, understanding the needs of her subordinates (removing roadblocks), influencing, intuition and vision, and has passion for her work. She also believes in executing her tasks with the highest ethical standards using strategic thinking and planning to meet her end goals and objectives. It has been a pleasure to work under the guidance of Katherine. Based on her leadership skills and experiences and I will gladly work again with her if the situation arises.

  • What I learnt from Katherine is to believe in myself and my abilities. And to know that no matter what the circumstance were, she was always there to back me up. For that she was always fair and maintained her broad shoulders always. She had the best interest of her staff at heart before anything else. It was a great pleasure working with Katherine and a genuine role model for good management and leadership skills. She has left me with tools that I will not only use in my professional life but also in my personal life and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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