Skilling today's leaders for tomorrow

The Growth Map Company, operating as Grow-Leader, focusses on growing leaders from entry level through to senior executive teams. The services offered are Leadership Development, Public Speaking and Facilitation.

Our focus is always on our Client needs and we customize our materials and programs to suite. We have therefore structured our base programs such that each module can stand alone, while building on the skills and knowledge learned in other modules. This flexibility enables our Clients to schedule programs based on individual needs and availability. Venues are either provided by The Growth Map Company or by our Clients, whichever is more suited to your needs.

Facilitators’ extensive hands on experience in leadership provide real life examples and solutions to leadership challenges. Our services extend to coaching and mentoring on an individual basis to support the implementation of skills in the workplace.

Our differentiator is the extensive use of Creative Thinking skills which not only helps learners to think outside the box, but gets rid of the boxes completely. Outcomes, using the Creative Thinking process, are packaged in a structured manner to ensure that execution steps are clear and progress tracking is simplified.

The Leadership Development program follows a four-stage process with mentoring and coaching offered post the Leadership Development program.