Phakathi Leadership Development

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Phakathi Leadership Development

Phakathi is a Zulu word which means “in the middle of” or “central”.

At the Growth Map Company, we understand that time is money and everyone is time bankrupt! We therefore offer our coaching and training programmes to suite your needs and availability.

If you are unable to take a day or three away from the office for training, we adjust our training modules to match your availability and needs. So, if all you can manage is an hour or two at a time, we come to you and provide you with the central tools and skills of each module.

These sessions can be conducted in one on one coaching sessions or with small groups.


phakathi tools

In our 3 steps to understanding Who Am I we explore –

  • what motivates us,
  • how do we become self-empowered and
  • who is my authentic self.

We then move onto Relationships with focus on 5 areas –

  • Our relationship with self
  • Motivating others
  • Empowering others
  • Returning authority to others and
  • Influencing others

The final tool is Power Communication where we concentrate on 3 areas –

  • Changing our thinking to powerful thinking
  • Using powerful words
  • Intentional use of powerful body language

The 3 skills learned in Communication are –

  • Listening skills
  • Simple profiling techniques (DISC)
  • Presentation Skills

We then move onto Performance Management following the 5 steps –

  • Goal Setting
  • Implementation downstream
  • Development planning
  • Coaching
  • Disciplining

The final skill is Problem Solving where we equip the learners to solve problems in any areas through use of a simple 5 step process to –

  • Define the problem statement
  • Identify the root cause of the problem
  • Understand why the problem occurred
  • Evaluate what went well
  • Explore what could be done differently in the future


phakathi skills


Basic knowledge of Project Management is both relevant and useful in all activities whether its business implementation, strategy execution or executing a project. The Growth Map Company therefore offers central Project Management Courses to further equip the leader.

Project Manager’s Roles & Responsibilities

  • Risk Management
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Stakeholder Management

Contract Management

  • Specific Contract Knowledge
  • Rights & Obligations
  • Change Management

Project Controls

  • Planning
  • Cost Control

The model below indicates the topics covered in our Phakathi Project Manager Development Programmes. We advise that the following sections and modules be included in the one on one coaching or small groups sessions for Leadership Development:

Phakathi Project Management