The Power of I AM

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The Power of I AM

October 16, 2017 Blog 0
Power of I AM

When we were young we learned the rhyme “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”. How wrong we were!

As I mature, I realize more and more just how powerful words are. They can cause far more harm than those sticks and stones! Or they can build you, make you feel loved, important and wonderful. Words hit, unfiltered, straight to the heart of our emotions.
This leads me to think of being intentional with the words that we use, particularly our self-talk.

Let’s take two simple words and examine them: I AM.

Now take this thought inwards, reflect and contemplate what meaning does this have for self.
Try to determine what the words I AM means to you because when we develop an awareness of the importance of I AM, we become incredibly powerful.

A good starting point is to consider your name. I intentionally never introduce myself as “My name is Katherine”, instead, I say “I AM Katherine”. This may seem to be a subtle difference, but it is so important. By stating my name, I am giving myself a label, something that people can call me by. By saying I AM Katherine I am saying that I am somebody. I am important and I know who I am.

It is important to really know who you are before you can completely understand I AM.
Do you know who you are? Not just the labels you have always had, but the true you? Self-reflection can help you to process and know who you are without a doubt. Warts and all. And make no mistake, the warts are important too!

The process of finding out what I AM means for you is a very introspective, honest process of self-examination. This is not easy to do, so must be approached with love and kindness. It may scratch open some long-hidden memories loaded with fears and anxiety. But it is important to explore all facets. Approach your introspections with the mind-set that you are looking at the bad experiences only to learn from them and not to self-flagellate. Examine these experiences, find the lessons, acknowledge that they happened –then let them go and move on.

I also look at what I want to become. To do this, I need to know what my values and beliefs are, my passions, what I stand for, my goals. I have these written down and review them often. As I progress on my journey, they change and develop according to what I now know and what I have experienced. Frequent reassessment keeps me current and aware of who I AM, empowering me to make the changes authentically, to achieve my goals.

Never forget the power of I AM.